A practical and empowering resource that provides ideas
and strategies for expressing a clear, forceful and
progressive religious point of view that is all too often
overlooked and under-represented in public discourse. It
identifies the religious themes in today's great debates -
gay rights, the needs of children and families, church-
state separation and reproductive rights, including access
to sex education, contraception and safe, legal abortion -
and presents new language and methods for effective
communication. It steers away from the polemics and
jargon of politics - left, right, liberal, conservative,
socialist - and instead relies on factual historical
examples, current events and personal stories to illustrate
the best ways to communicate the positive role of faith in
personal and public life.

Praise for All Politics Is Religious...

An incomparable guide for embracing faith as a platform for
supporting the social justice issues of our time—from health
care and reproductive rights to marriage 
equality and sex
Cecile Richards
President, Planned Parenthood

Offers refreshing insights into the moral issues of our day and
the role of faith in the political debate. Part homily, part how-to,
[it] encourages the choirs of unrepresented voices to sing out.
Liane Hansen
Former National Public Radio host

The essential guide for religious leaders who want to influence
public policy. It provides essential theological support for
advocating for sexual justice and other progressive issues while
also effectively teaching the tools of lobbying, media
appearances and organizing.
The Reverend Debra W. Haffner
Executive Director, Religious Institute

For clergy and religious leaders concerned about the narrow,
often intolerant religious forces that are trying to dominate
national policy, [this] book offers a way forward to a more
complete, compassionate discourse… I heartedly recommend it.
The Rev. Dr. Carlton W. Veazey
Former president and CEO,
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

All Politics Programs

Religion, Politics and Sex:
A Conversation for Polite
It was illegal to distribute
birth control when the first
family planning clinic
opened in a Brooklyn
storefront in 1916, yet many
clergy supported access to
safe and affordable
contraception. "Religion,
Politics and Sex" discusses
how clergy led the nation to
make birth control available
– and lessons for today.

Take Two Tablets:
When They Want to
Display the Ten
in the Courtroom
Policy makers and judges
all too often turn to their
religious teachings when
deciding about climate,
health, education and more.
"Take Two Tablets"
considers the religious
impulses shaping national
and state-level legislation –
and what can – and may not
– be done in response

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All Politics Is Religious:
Speaking Faith to the
Media, Policy Makers and Community
by Rabbi Dennis Ross
Rabbi Dennis Ross
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available from
Jewish Lights Publishing,
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