It is possible to find meaning - in the daily routine as well as in
the once-in-a-lifetime situation - and this first-of-its-kind
introduction to Martin Buber’s I-Thou shows you how. Drawing
on Jewish tradition, the science of human behavior, Buber’s
ideas and the Hasidic stories that he loved, Rabbi Dennis Ross
illuminates a theology of relationships in easy-to-understand
language. I-Thou creates new answers to critical issues in life,
such as: How do I react to others in times of stress? How do I
relate to strangers? How can I take full advantage of the time I
have to spend with my loved ones?

By unlocking the depths in Buber’s concepts for spiritual growth,
Ross supplies you with the tools you need to communicate
better, love more completely, and find the sacred in everyday life.
Praise for God in Our Relationships...

By interweaving his own life experience with quotations and insights derived
from Martin Buber’s I and Thou and his Tales of the Hasidim, Rabbi Ross has
accomplished the remarkable feat of making Buber’s wisdom accessible in the
everyday to men and women in every walk of life.
Maurice Friedman
author of Encounter on the Narrow Ridge: A Life of Martin Buber

With a keen eye, a deft heart and a great hand, Dennis Ross has knowingly
shown how everyday events illumine the depths of Martin Buber's classic volume
on life with God and others. Many have read I and Thou but rarely has its
human/spiritual effect been so tellingly brought down to earth.
Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz
Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

Rabbi Dennis Ross brings a wealth of experience, passion, gentle humor, and
human-relations know-how to his work.  His writing and public speaking attest
to his ability to unpack sophisticated concepts and frame them in light of the
concerns of real people encountering the real stuff of life.
Rabbi Jonathan Blake
Scarsdale, New York
God in Our Relationships:

God in Our Relationships:
Spirituality between People from
the Teachings of Martin Buber
Martin Buber’s I-Thou
relationship offers a widely
available – and often overlooked –
spiritual opportunity. "God in
Our Relationships" clearly and
concisely illustrates Buber’s I-Thou
by taking examples from the give-
and-take of daily life.

Solving the Spiritual Puzzle:
Martin Buber’s Hasidic Stories
As if playing a game of “Jewish
Jeopardy,” Martin Buber
compiled an extensive – and often
confusing – anthology of Hasidic
stories. "Solving the Spiritual
Puzzle" shines light by seeing
Buber’s selections through the
prism of I-Thou.

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God in Our Relationships:
Spirituality between People from the Teachings of
Martin Buber
by Rabbi Dennis Ross